The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates warned the participants in the International Holocaust Forum of the political context that the Israeli occupation and its leaders are trying to utilize and exploit by hiding the true face of the Israeli occupation of the State of Palestine, committing the most heinous crimes against the Palestinian people that level up to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Foreign Ministry also added in its statement of the Israeli propaganda and the systematic attempt to equate “anti-Semitism” with criticism of the Israel – occupying state.

Furthermore, at a time in which the Palestinians have suffered from over 70 years of historical injustice and increased crimes by the Israeli occupation, including the crime of forced displacement as a result of the ethnic cleansing of millions of Palestinians from their homeland, a number of world leaders are participating in the forum to commemorate the 75 years of the liberation of “Auschwitz” and “Birkenau” to express the international condemnation of this heinous crime, and to commemorate the victims of Nazism.

The Ministry affirmed its condemnation of the Holocaust, calling on the international community that was unable in the past to prevent the “Holocaust”, to pay attention to the suffering of our people as a result of occupation and settlements.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that facing the black ages in the history of humanity requires the international community to act immediately and condemn the crimes of the occupation against our people, and strive to put an end to the Palestinian bloodshed before it is too late and in that way it will preserve its remaining credibility.