Culture and Economy section manages cultural and economic affairs. The mission of this section is primarily deepening the understanding of Palestinian culture and values. On this basis, the team of our Culture and Economy section works closely with a wide and diverse segment of Hungarian parties, including official and unofficial organizations, as well as cultural figures and civil society leaders. The section also communicates with Ministries, universities, schools, NGOs, associations and others, and provides students and non-students with training and volunteering opportunities for activities organized by the embassy.

Culture and Economy Section consists of three offices:

Education and Scholarships Affairs office

Education and Scholarships office is concerned with strengthening the Palestinian-Hungarian education partnership, and hence, providing information on educational programs in Palestine and Hungary, information on scholarships provided by the Government of Hungary to Palestine, as well as exchange programs and study conditions in both countries. The office follows up as well the affairs of Palestinian students in Hungary, and provides students with training and volunteering opportunities for activities organized by the embassy.

Economy and Tourism Affairs office

Economy and Tourism office is your ideal destination for obtaining information on the Palestinian economy in general, and economic sectors such as industry, agriculture and services. This section provides as well information on investment in Palestine, investment opportunities, and offered incentives. It also highlights tourism and tourist places in Palestine, and provides information on places to visit, hotels, and others for those who wish to visit our country.

Culture and Sports Affairs office

Culture and Sports office manages cultural and sports relations between Palestine and Hungary, and provides information on sports, cultural and fine arts programs that the office provides with the aim of promoting mutual understanding and consolidating positive relations between the two peoples.

Volunteering and training opportunities

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