List of agreements between Palestine and Hungary

  • Political consultations between the Palestinian and Hungarian Foreign Ministries
  • An agricultural cooperation agreement (the discussions started during the visit of His Excellency the Palestinian Minister of Agriculture Dr. Sufyan Sultan to the Hungarian capital Budapest from 12-14 October 2016, where an agricultural cooperation agreement was signed with Hungary.
  • A joint cooperation agreement was signed on 29 October 2016 during the visit of His Excellency Hungarian Minister of Agriculture for Palestine.
  • Cooperation agreement between the Palestinian Chambre of Commerce and the Hungarian Chambre of Commerce in 2016.
  • Cooperation agreement in the field of water (signed on November 28 2018, where the water summit was held in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, and the agreement on cooperation in the field of water was signed between the two countries, headed by the Palestinian delegation, Minister Mr. Mazen Ghoneim)
  • Agreement in the fields of education and culture to be renewed every 3 years (currently 2021-2024)

Twinning & Cooperation agreements between Palestinian and Hungarian cities

  • Jericho and Eger (Twinning)
  • Bethlehem and Budapest (Twinning)
  • Bethlehem and Kalocsa (Twinning)
  • Beit Jala and Máriapócs (Cooperation)