Passport renewal for Palestinian citizens

Please book an appointment at embassy @

Legalisation of documents 

Legalisation by the Embassy is available only if the document already has the stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trade of Hungary (for information on the legalisation procedure of documents to be used abroad please visit the website of the Ministry: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Consular Affairs >>>) Average fee is USD 150 / stamp. Please be sure to bring the exact amount in USD. To book an appointment please send your document to embassy @

Entering Palestine

No Visa is required to enter Palestine except that of the country via which Palestine is accessible – Israel, Jordan or Egypt. Visa is subject to these countries. Your passport must be valid for at least six months. Visas can range from a two week period to 3 months. The issuing of a visa is subject to Israeli security check.

There are a few travel routes into Palestine:

  • For internationals: Ben Gurion Airport, Tel-Aviv
  • Via Jordan: Allenby Terminal or the King Hussein Bridge – See also other access routes from Jordan.
  •  Via Egypt: Rafah Border Crossing – open daily between 09:00 and 19:00 for humanitarian aid providers and those with prior clearance. From Friday 24 December 2010, the crossing will be closed on Friday, Saturday and local public holidays.