The embassy of Palestine in Hungary consists of the following sections:

Political Section

The political section aims at developing and promoting bilateral relations and cooperation between Palestine and Hungary. It aims at building bridges, especially with regard to matters of common interest. The section presents as well the official positions and views of the Palestinian government, and works on mobilizing more support to the Palestinian cause. The political section works closely with politicians, parliamentarians, diplomats, journalists, public figures, academics, as well as embassies accredited in Budapest. In addition, the political section is tasked to intensify and boost cooperation between Palestine and Hungary in various fields and at all levels, and to introduce new ideas and initiatives at the aim of further expanding cooperation between our two countries to serve mutual and common interests.

Culture and Economy Section

Culture and Economy section manages cultural and economic affairs. The mission of this section is primarily deepening the understanding of Palestinian culture and values. On this basis, the team of our Culture and Economy section works closely with a wide and diverse segment of Hungarian parties, including official and unofficial organizations, as well as cultural figures and civil society leaders. The section also communicates with Ministries, universities, schools, NGOs, associations and others.

Media Section

The media section is responsible to manage media and press affairs, provide information, in addition to explaining the policies pursued by the State of Palestine. The media section is dedicated to establish strong relations with all Hungarian media outlets, and is tasked to organize press coverage of the programmes and activities carried out by the embassy of Palestine. It also organizes press conferences and events, press releases, articles, and other media publications, in addition to conveying Palestine news to Hungary.

Consular Section

The consular section serves Palestinian citizens and aims at facilitating their transactions. The section porvides a range of consular services that include passport renewal, power of attorney, certification and authentication, and other services.