Palestine, the Holy Land

Our land, the land of Palestine, is a land rich in history that gives a mixed essence of beauty and struggle. It is a land rich in history with a tradition of hospitality and a heritage that surpass the beauty of so many human civilizations. Palestine’s pivotal and central location has made it, since ancient times, coveted by world powers. Palestine lies between the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, and connects Asia with Africa.

Among the cities of Palestine are Al-Quds Al-Sharif, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jericho, Nablus, Ramallah, Gaza, and other cities of Historical Palestine such as Acre, Jaffa, Lud, Ramla, and Nazareth.

Palestine has been a meeting point for diverse cultures since old times, and has special significance for the three major religions around the world. The individual faces in any Palestinian town remind you of this rich history of cross-cultural influences.

Today, despite the pain, we always look forward, value life, and welcome our visitors. We are proud to offer comfortable, stylish accommodations, fabulous restaurants, refined artists and galleries, exquisite handicrafts, innumerable archeological and religious sites, and antiquities from all ages. It takes a visit to this wonderful country to appreciate the most palpable facet of its culture: the warmth and humor of the Palestinian People. Join a long list of visitors over the centuries who have journeyed from the world over to see the beauty of this land. Visit Palestine or consult our tourism section

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