Welcome Note

Dear fellow Palestinian citizens; dear Hungarian friends; dear visitors

On our new website, we would like to share some basic information about Palestine and the Palestinian Hungarian relations. The Visitor can gain an overview about Palestine, history, politics, economy, foreign affairs, cultural heritage, education, opportunities, and cooperation. Our aim is to have our website a platform to serve our community, students, scholars and researchers, and the public in all three languages; Arabic, Hungarian and English.

The relationship between Palestine and Hungary has historical roots, and we are proud of our friendship and our common values and principles. Palestine has all along attached great importance to its relationship with Hungary, and is committed to working with Hungary to deepen their friendship, expand their mutually beneficial cooperation and coordination on issues of common interest.

The main priority of the embassy of Palestine in Hungary is to further strengthen our bilateral relations and to boost our cooperation in all fields and at all levels. We are dedicated to expand existing relations, to explore new opportunities and to reinforce bridges between our two people in Palestine and Hungary. Serving our community and providing them with outstanding and quality services is another priority that we uphold. All administrative procedures, requested documents and forms related to consular services, in addition to lands announcements will be found, detailed and updated, on our website.

We are confident that booming opportunities are in the offing and we do trust that the Palestinian vibrant community will always be an added value, not only for our bilateral relations, but also for the Hungarian society at large.

This is the spirit, enthusiasm and dedication our embassy will be representing Palestine in Hungary.