“The provocative incitement against President Mahmoud comes in the context of hate and bigorty against the Palestinians and their properties. This is an outright incitement against the peace process pursued by President Mahmoud Abbas, which epitomizes at best the degradation of human morality and values. The Israeli government should be held accountable to the vociferous calls for the President’s assassination and the perpetuation of the systematic violent acts by the settlers against the Palestinians.” H.E. Manuel Hassassian.

On December 12, Jewish settlers hung posters of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank calling for his assassination. The posters were stuck on concrete blocks at the Huwwara intersection near the city of Nablus. The mugshot, which featured President Abbas caught in the crosshairs, labelled him a “supporter of terrorists”.

The Israeli military carried out incursions in Ramallah, and stormed the headquarters of the Palestinian official news agency “Wafa” and prevented the staff from leaving the building. As a result, dozens of Palestinians protestors were injured by tear gas shooting, rubber-coated bullets and live ammunition.

The Israeli army, a common practice, sealed Ramallah city, the seat of the Palestinian Authority in area A declared it a closed military zone, thus raiding the residential areas, killing four and arresting dozens, which culminated in creating tension, havoc and a volatile environment.

Israel continues to systematically violate with impunity, international norms and agreements; and its right-wing extremist government lends its tacit support and protection to armed settler militias, who constantly terrorize Palestinian civilians and carry out atrocious assaults; including fatal arson attacks, burning homes and business properties too.

We strongly condemn the settlers’ overt calls to attack President Abbas and we take these threats to be dangerous and shoulder the international community with the responsibility of its consequences.

We call on the international community to be vociferous in its condemnation to such death warrants, and we demand it to act immediately to halt Israel’s unlawful policies and practices. Israel’s clear-cut systematic policies against the defamation of President Abbas and the perpetual violation of the International Law and humanitarian law.

We demand the United Nations to take these threats seriously and to force Israel to categorically stop this defamation campaign and to apologize in public for such acts. These practices by the settlers bolstered by its government are not conducive to peace and security. This occupation is long overdue and has to end the sooner the better.