“The ongoing Israeli escalation against the captive Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip is a continuation of the war crimes Israel has been committing against the Palestinian people for the past half a century. Israel has turned Gaza into the largest open-air prison in the world, choking life and hope out of the besieged and occupied territory while indiscriminately bombarding heavily populated civilian areas.”

On November 12, began striking several targets throughout Gaza. Through these aggressive attacks Israeli forces killed a top Islamic Jihad commander in an air strike on his home in Gaza City, unleashing a new spiral of violence, more than 50 air raids and 21 artillery attacks targeted Palestinian homes, agricultural lands, poultry and vegetable farms, as well as positions, and at least 32 Palestinians were killed including four children and 100 wounded.

We strongly condemn the ongoing attacks on Gaza and we shoulder the international community with the responsibility of its consequences.

We call on the international community to be vociferous in its condemnation to such attacks, and we demand it to act immediately to halt Israel’s unlawful policies and practices, and ensure the right of self-determination to the Palestinian People in adherence to international law.

This occupation is long overdue and has to end the sooner the better.