Palestinian Hungarians are a vibrant and important element in the Hungarian society. A number of Palestinians arrived in Hungary in the late 50’s to study, thanks to scholarships. Due to various conditions inlcuding the occupation and other political, economic and social reasons, a number of these students settled in Hungary and worked, to form the nucleus of this active community. A number of graduates who left Hungary, returned in the early 90’s to settle and work. They were not only able to successfully integrate into the Hungarian society, but they also constituted a qualitative addition with successful and influential models. Most of the Palestinian Hungarians introducded impressive examples of success, including doctors and engineers, while a number of them presented other success models in the fields of trade and entrepreneurship. Together they constituted a real addition to the Hungarian society and state. There are no accurate number of Palestinian Hungarians, but it is estimated to be about 400, with half of them residing outside the capital, Budapest.