Diplomatic relations between Palestine and Hungary

Crossed Flag Pins Hungary-Palestine Flags

The Palestine Liberation Office was opened in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, in 1975.

Hungary recognized the state of Palestine after the Declaration of Independence in 1988, where it elevated the level of representation to an embassy with all the privileges.

Hungary has a representation office in the temporary capital (Ramallah). It is headed by Ambassador Dr. Rita Herencsár, who started his mission on 05/10/2023.

The Hungarian government decided to raise the level of diplomatic communication from the “Palestinian National Authority” to “Palestine” on 08/12/2014.

Hungary’s position was distinguished by opening from other countries by opening its first honorary consulate in Palestine in Bethlehem, and it was one of the first countries that contributed to the restoration of the Nativity Church in Bethlehem. The current Honorary Consul in Bethlehem is Khamis Nassar Judeh.

29 September 1975                                                               (PLO OFFICE)               
Opened PLO Office in Budapest  
2nd February 1982                                                                 (PLO OFFICE)
PLO office was granted diplomatic status during an official visit for Yasser Arafat
23 November 1988      (EMBASSY)
Hungary recognizes Palestine as a state