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General information

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in Hungary welcomes all Palestinian citizens. In the consular section, we are pleased and dedicated to serve all Palestinian citizens and facilitate their transactions.

Taking into account the epidemiological and health conditions, and within the framework of strict precautionary measures in the face of the Corona pandemic in order to avoid any congestion situations, the consular section stresses the need to set prior dates for any transaction or review the consular section.

Palestinian citizens can be received during the working hours of the consular section (transactions or reviews), after obtaining a prior appointment.

Working hours of the consular section are from Monday to Thursday, from ten in the morning until one in the afternoon.

Services provided by the consular section for Palestinian citizens

  • Request for issuing a Palestinian passport (renewal, replacement for lost / damaged / external use, first-time issuance for a newborn)
  • Request for a certificate of good conduct or not being convicted
  • Request for Bachelorhood certificate
  • Request to issue power of attorney
  • Authentication of documents / certificates

Forms (Arabic)

Follow up on your transaction (Under construction)

Land Authority announcements (Arabic)

Authentication & Legalization

  • Authenticating documents that come from Palestine for use in Hungary.
  • Authenticating documents from Hungary for use in Palestine.

Note: All forms and/or documents that come from Palestine must be authenticated by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs first. Also, all forms and/or documents from Hungary must be authenticated by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs first.

For information on the legalisation procedure of documents to be used abroad please visit the website of the Ministry: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Consular Affairs >>>

Average fee is USD 150 / stamp. Please be sure to bring the exact amount in USD. To book an appointment please send your document to sausan @

Entering Palestine

Entering Palestine doesn’t require a visa. Nonetheless, a Visa might be required by the country via which Palestine is accessible – Israel, Jordan or Egypt. Visa requirements are subject to the regulations of said countries. Please take into account that the issuing of a visa is subject to Israeli security check.

There are a few travel routes into Palestine:
  • For internationals: Ben Gurion Airport, Tel-Aviv
  • Via Jordan: Allenby Terminal or the King Hussein Bridge – See also other access routes from Jordan.
  •  Via Egypt: Rafah Border Crossing – open daily between 09:00 and 19:00 for humanitarian aid providers and those with prior clearance.
  • The conditions and opening hours of the border crossings can vary and subject to ongoing changes. So, please make sure that the crossing is open on your planned travel day.

Visiting & Entering Hungary

Information on Entry Requirements due to COVID-19 (external link)

New Regulations for Students Entering Hungary (external link)

Visa Information (external link)

Contact the consular section