The Cultural and Sports Affairs Office aims at fostering mutual understanding between Palestine and Hungary through a variety of cultural, sports, and professional activities. Hence, the office is dedicated to Strengthen Palestinian-Hungarian cultural, sports and other exchange and cooperation. It works on promoting mutual understanding, mutual learning and friendship between the two peoples. The office aims as well at raising awareness of Palestinian culture and providing information to Hungarian people and cultural entities interested in developing ties or exchanges with counterparts in Palestine. Here, we can proudly say that the Cultural and Sports Affairs Office is responsible for introducing many exciting opportunities and programs, that involve artists, athletes, students, youth and educators.  It can be said that the Office of Culture and Sports Affairs is the perfect destination for people with passion to music, sports, or art and those who wish to work to the role of volunteerism. 

The office will work closely with the education and scholarships office, and with alumni of Palestinian students who graduated from Hungary. Volunteering and other opportunities relevant to our cultural and sports activities will be posted on our webpage. The Office also coordinates with Economy and Tourism Affairs office, which organizes outreach opportunities for visiting Palestine, for tourism, education, training or official purposes. The office – in coordination with relevant entities – as well – arranges cultural orientation and presentations on topics ranging from the history of Palestine, culture, traditions and other aspects that will be helpful to any visitor to Palestine.

The office of Culture and Sports Affairs works as well with various institutions, in Palestine and Hungary, that include museums, cultural centres, art galleries, cultural, art and sport forums, Ministries and others. Consult our corners for more details.

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