The government or the council of Ministers is the supreme administrative and executive branch which is responsible for the implementation of the program approved by the legislative authority. Except for those executive powers, specified by the Basic Law, for the President of the Palestinian National Authority, the remaining executive and administrative powers are vested in the Council of Ministers.

The Council of Ministers shall consist of the Prime Minister and a number of Ministers not exceeding twenty-four Ministers.

The Palestinian Governments

GovernmentPrime MinisterFromTo
18th GovernmentMohammad Shtayyeh13/04/2019Until now
17th GovernmentRami Hamdallah2/06/201413/04/2019
16th GovernmentRami Hamdallah13/08/20132/06/2014
15th GovernmentRami Hamdallah6/06/201313/08/2013
14th GovernmentSalam Fayyad16/05/20126/06/2013
13th GovernmentSalam Fayyad – Caretaker Government13/07/200716/05/2012
12th GovernmentSalam Fayyad – State of Emergency17/06/200713/07/2007
11th GovernmentIsmail Haniyeh17/03/200714/06/2007
10th GovernmentIsmail Haniyeh29/03/200617/03/2007
9th GovernmentAhmed Qurei24/04/200527/03/2006
8th GovernmentAhmed Qurei12/11/200314/02/2005
7th GovernmentAhmed Qurei07/10/200312/11/2003
6th GovernmentMahmoud Abbas30/04/200306/09/2003
5th GovernmentYassir Arafat29/10/200230/04/2003
4th GovernmentYassir Arafat29/06/200229/10/2002
3rd GovernmentYassir Arafat12/08/199829/06/2002
2nd GovernmentYassir Arafat08/05/199812/08/1998