On Palestinian’s Prisoners day, Palestine, leadership and people, reiterate their faithful commitment to the cause of our prisoners. Our prisoners courageously stood against the illegal, colonial and prolonged occupation. As such, the State of Palestine will continue supporting this cause at every available international opportunity.

On this occasion, the Embassy of the state of Palestine in Hungary wishes to share few facts:

  • Currently, more than 4,450 Palestinians are imprisoned in Israeli Detention Centers; 37 are women, 140 children, and more than 440 are held in administrative detention.
  • 25 prisoners are still held in Israeli prisons, two of them were held since 1983.
  • 62 prisoners are held in Israeli prisons for more than 20 years.
  • 543 prisoners received life sentences.
  • 550 prisoners suffer from difficult health conditions, 10 of whom are cancer patients.
  • Since 1967, 226 Palestinian prisoners lost their lives in Israeli prisons.
  • Since 1967, Israel – the occupying power – has arrested over 800,000 Palestinians.
  • The conviction rate of Palestinian detainees in Israeli courts is 99%.
  • These courts have been established and operate in a manner that violates fundamental principles of International Law.
  • These courts fail to offer a fair and regular trials.
  • More Palestinian prisoners are forcibly transferred and held outside the occupied territory, in a clear violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.  

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